Picturebook news

Hi everyone! I have some good news and some sad news. Let’s start with the good news, shall we? I’m still working on the illustrations of this kidsbook, written in Dutch by Joke Benoot. It will be published this year by Clavis. It’s a heartwarming collection of sweet stories about five animal friends in the […]

What is your art voice? #1 Who are you?

Hello art friends and other friendly peeps! In an interview with the lovely children’s book illustrator Nina Rycroft for her Project Portfolio workshop, we talked about this topic. We might even know each other from Nina’s project, hi again! 🙂 Since then, I learned a ton and I would like to share these things with […]

Exciting news!

The Belgian publisher Clavis has given me a couple of children’s book commissions to illustrate! Since they will be published in Dutch, I will write this blog post in both English and Dutch. (De Nederlandse tekst is te vinden onder de Engelse tekst.) Today I will reveal the cover of the first one. “Klappende Rozen […]

Hello and welcome!

Hello there, Wen here! I’m an illustrator from The Netherlands. A couple of years ago I started out on a new adventure into the world of illustration. On this blog I will occasionally share tips and things I learned on the way. And once in a while there will be some interesting news that I’d […]




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