Artful year in review: 2020

The children’s book class at MATS I loved so much in 2019, that I signed up again in 2020. But before the course started, Lilla gave us several prep assignments. Here are some of the things I drew:

Meet Jitna and Drago.

And see the view from my window.

Moving house:

And here is some of my work for this round of MATS ICB:

This year I chose a story about Gulp and Momo. My character designs changed during the course. But to be honest, I think I still love my initial design above best. There is something heartwarming about them. Especially Momo.

Gulp is a little owl with some self doubt issues. Sweet Momo tries to cheer her up. (I’m not giving away more details about the story, cause the rights are with the author of course.)

I started noticing how detailed I tend to work. Perfectionism is a pitfall for me. So I try to loosen up here a bit. I want to work on that more.

Another thing I’m still struggling with is clothing. And I’m trying to work digitally but still have that feel of traditionally painted work. Will experiment more with that. This is all done in Photoshop, but sometimes I add painted textures and elements drawn or painted on paper.

When diversity was discussed in class, I drew this Muslim lady:

On Instagram it was picked up by several people. They shared it. To me that said that there should be more Muslim women represented in art.

I also redid some of my previous work. Like this one for the 2019 Home Decor class, all with hand painted elements that I scanned and put together in Photoshop:

For a Domestika class with Adolfo Serra an assignment was to illustrate yourself as an animal. After some soul searching I came to the conclusion that I must be a Dung Beetle. Not that I tend to eat like sh!t but I do feel like I’m upside down and backwards trying to push some dung around without seeing where the heck I’m actually going. And oh hairy legs I see ya!

On to a new artful year!

xo Wen

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