Coming in 2022

Author: Joke Benoot

Publisher: Clavis

A heartwarming collection of stories about five animal friends in the forest who are verrrrry scared. They each have a different thing they’re afraid of. In the stories they help each other have a little bit more courage. Written in Dutch.

The book can be pre-ordered here: Bruna, Bookspot, Bol, Amazon NL.

Published 2022

Author: Margreet Schouwenaar

Publisher: Clavis

Meet Emma. Through the seasons, she explores nature with her grandma and dog. Emma learns about flowers who whistle, run and don’t neigh. The text is full of word play. A sweet and magical story, written in Dutch. It will be published in Danish as well.

Available at, Bruna, and Bookspot and other web shops and local bookstores in The Netherlands.