I really like to experiment with all kinds of art supplies, techniques, and styles. My sketchbooks and art journals are where I feel free to do just that.

faces by Wen Sylvestre

Watercolours, gouaches, pan pastels, coloured pencils, paper collage, crayons, etc, I love to see what each medium does and how I can combine them.

faces by Wen Sylvestre (2)

I like studying nature.

Japanese Maple by Wen Sylvestre

I like cats, they have such a funny CAT-titude.

dare to be different by Wen Sylvestre

I like to draw nutty faces. I mean, below, they’re weird, right?

faces by Wen Sylvestre

I like to hike and explore new places.

Wanderfolk by Wen Sylvestre

I like to work in the garden, especially when helped by kiddos.

WIP dancing by Wen Sylvestre

character study 2 by Wen Sylvestre for Grandma's Garden

I like to doodle in watercolours and ink.

doodling by Wen Sylvestre

botanical doodles by Wen Sylvestre - 1000px

botanical watercolour pattern by Wen Sylvestre-webfile


I like both working on the computer and experimenting with a variety of traditional media.


I create lots of icons and motifs with all kinds of materials and then add them to my digital work.


watercolour florals by Wen Sylvestre (2)

watercolour botanicals by Wen Sylvestre

inky botanicals by Wen Sylvestre

cat illo by Wen Sylvestre 3

The world is a beautiful place to explore and illustrate.